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jipe 4x4
4x4 jeep

Come with us, to explore the most hidden trails and appreciate the unforgettable landscapes of the interior of the island, where we are in contact with the fauna, flora and geology.

Duration - 3 h

Itinerary: Pick up - Viewpoint of Flores - Morenos - Pico Ana Ferreira - Campo de Baixo - Campo de Cima - Quinta das Palmeiras - Mornos - Dunes - Pedregal - Serra de Dentro - Casa da Serra - Serra de Fora - Portela - Hotel

*Includes a visit to the botanical garden "Quinta das Palmeiras" and traditional house (*) "Casa da Serra" with wine tasting and local sweets and handcrafted souvenir shop.

(*)Casa da Serra only open from May to October

Price: Adults €27

Children from 0 to 5 years free | from 6 to 12 years old 50%

See in the pictures below of the places we visit on this circuit!

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